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srodki do mycia wc tytan

srodki do mycia wc tytan

srodki do mycia lazienki tytan

płyny do mycia kuchni

płyn do mycia podłóg

płyn uniwersalny do mycia różnych powierzchni

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Award for Tytan WC Cleaner

Award for Tytan WC Cleaner

Line of Tytan toilet cleaners has been awarded as a "Best Product" competition in 2014.

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Unia for the orphanage nr 3 in Poznań

Unia for the orphanage nr 3 in Poznań

The beginning of the October turned out to be happy for the kids from a newly formed subsidiary orphanage nr 3 in Poznań.
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Zakłady Chemiczne Unia Spółdzielnia Pracy is a company with a very interesting and extensive history. Since 1950 the Unia company has been manufacturing and selling household chemistry products. Our goal has always been clear – to achieve the effect of cleanliness with the minimum of work from our customers. It has been possible to achieve this goal thanks to thorough analysis of users opinions and to employing highly qualified management staff. A stable position of the company is also guaranteed by strong brands and an increasing range of products, which are popular among the customers, both at home and abroad.

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Zakłady Chemiczne UNIA Spółdzielnia Pracy
ul. Główna 14
61-005 Poznań, Poland

Tel. +48 61 877-03-31
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Fax. +48 61 877-29-74
Sales department
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Fax. +48 61 878-07-75

Regional Court of Poznań for Nowe Miasto and Wilda in Poznań VIII Commercial Department
NCR 0000115949 Tax ID 777-00-01-803 CRO certificate 000418283
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